Tier 4 Restrictions

What exactly does this mean?

Posted by Alex Rollin on December 19, 2020

Tier 4 has just been announced by Prime Minister Borris Johnson with them coming into effect tomorrow morning. But what does this actually mean?

Details are thin at the moment as the Gov.UK site is yet to be updated so we will be using a combination of judgement along with information from the Prime Ministers address.

What does tier 4 mean?

In short, houses mixing over christmas is going to be against the law, except for those in support bubbles which will remain active. What it does mean though is that the break in the restrictions from the 23rd to the 27th of December is now officially cancelled with you only being allowed to meet one person from another household in a public space.

This is due to reports of a new strain of the Coronavirus which is currently in the south of England however it is believed that it is present in the north as well. It does seem that christmas does look bleak at the moment with many peoples christmas plans being cancelled. However one of the questions being asked is how well will it be enforced. Can you really stop the British public from seeing their family and friends at Christmas?

The answer to that, I don't know. But I do believe that it will be difficult for the government to enforce with some peoples plans being made ever since the break was first announced. Yet the government did offer some hope with the vaccine being given out in increasing numbers with around 300,000 doses being given so far of the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine.

First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon also stated that a new strain has been found and cases have been identified in Scotland, however the First Minister also went onto reitterate the message of the Prime Minister, that while the new strain may spread quicker it is not proven to cause a more severe illness or will mean the Vaccine is not effective. Sturgeon has stated that at least 17 cases of the new strain has been identified in Scotland.

Sturgeon announced restrictions for preventative measures and accepted that these new measures would be hard to understand. Sturgeons plans are designed to reduce the risk of it spreading from other parts of the UK and Scotland. They are asking people to remain out of others houses with a travel ban being imposed from other parts of the UK entering Scotland and from Scotland entering other parts of the UK, except for essential travel. This ban will extend across the festive periods, with the five days being reduced to one day of indoor visiting in a bubble. Yet advice remains the same of no mixing indoors though this is not enforced by law. Travelling within Scotland will be allowed on Christmas day only however if you can not get back home at night, that is not allowed.

Schools in Scotland will remain open for the next week, however the holiday period in Scotland will be extended until the 11th of January and will remain online until the 18th of January 2020. At the moment plans for schools in England have not been fully announced.

Meanwhile in Wales, they are going to be going into a full lockdown once again from midnight tonight with non essential retailers set to shut once again along with Gyms.

Progress with Vaccination

At the moment it seems there is a large amount of fear regarding the new vaccination and fear that appears to be going around regarding the new vaccine and fear that is being spread on social media platforms. Anti-Mask protests have also been large in London and other parts of the UK including Wales.

So called COVID deniers are questioning the governments response to the pandemic at the moment along with warning people against the vaccination despite there being proof of it being effective against the virus.